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Oct 13 — Environmental Education—Part 2: Best Practices (Lisa)
Nov 3 — Learning through Simulations and Classroom Resources (Tracy)
Nov 17 — Student Action Project Learning aimed at Social Change (Lisa, Ian)


Oct 13 LMX 219
Environmental Education—Part 2: best practices (Lisa)

Building on the Environmental Education (Part 1) seminar that explored briefly the history of the field of environmental education and the recent Ontario Ministry of Education (2007) report— Shaping our Schools, Shaping our Future— and (2009) policy framework—Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow, this (Part 2) seminar will continue the discussion focusing on the various ways environmental education (and sustainability) can be taken up across the school curriculum, including best practices and highlighting existing school projects and models that are inspiring meaningful change towards environmental sustainability.
Nov 3 LMX 221
Learning through Simulations and Classroom Resources (Tracy)
Teaching about the global economy, the IMF, and Canadian trading partners. Come and play the “World Trade Game “ and find about other resources that can stimulate deeper inquiry into global issues. Guaranteed to be a hoot!!!!!
Nov 17 LMX 221
Student Action Project Learning aimed at Social Change (Lisa, Ian)
How do we as educators create learning opportunities with our students to enact positive social change? How can new teachers mobilize youth toward social justice? Through a conversation-style format, seminar participants will explore the idea, roles and tensions of students and educators as ‘activists,’ as well as examine pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning that (might) engender agency in youth—the idea that we as teachers and students can go beyond deconstructing texts and systems to include participating in the ‘re/authoring’ of new and more just, sustainable narratives. This seminar aims to support new teachers in finding some necessary resources to further their practice as educators committed to social justice, youth engagement and change.
Taylorizing Education for Profit: A Public Lecture by Gordon Lafer, Associate Professor at the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center — October 13, 2015 at 7pm at Montpetit Hall (125 University), Rm 207

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