Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

CSL Outreach Program

As a student in the B. Ed. Program, you have the opportunity to be a participant in the University of Ottawa’s Community Service Learning (CSL) program. CSL provides you with the opportunity to volunteer with various community organizations to gain valuable learning experiences outside the B. Ed. classroom.

The Experiential Learning Service (ELS) is run by the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) to provide you with a list of CSL volunteer opportunities, to connect you with community partners, and to track your progress as you fulfill the minimum 30 hours of volunteer service A number of volunteer activities are also available through the Developing a Global Perspective for Educators Initiative. For these, please contact Brian Kom at

You are encouraged to volunteer for as many hours and with as many community organizations as you would like. In all cases, however, you must maintain a log sheet. On successful completion of the minimum 30 hrs, you will receive a certificate for your portfolio.

Your volunteer placement can be set up entirely on the ELS website ( With the following steps, you’ll be able to easily search for and select the volunteer position that best suits your interests.

Applying For Your CLS Placement

The ELS website is the main page for the Experiential Learning Service. From here, you can find all kinds of information on the program and get yourself started with CSL. The ELS’s contact information can be found on the lower-left side of the page.

The first step to apply for your CLS placement is creating an account:

  • Click the “Students” button from the main page of the ELS website
  • Just beneath the video, select “Volunteering as part of a course”
  • On the next page, select “Currently registered in a CSL course”
  • Click the “Create Account” button
  • Complete the information for your personal profile in all 4 sections. In the last section, choose your login information and password, and remember this information for later on

You now have an account to use on the ELS website!

The second step is reviewing and applying for a CSL placement:

  • Follow this link
  • Click the “Login” button and enter your new account details
  • You should now see the Login Menu. Click “Apply for a CSL Placement”
  • Select your course (PED 3103) from the dropdown menu and click “Next”

You should now see a list of the volunteer placements available to you. Browse the list for one that interests you and apply directly from this webpage!

Once you apply, the information will be sent to the ELS office for approval. You will be notified once your application is approved. You may check the “Placement Status” link from the Login Menu to track its progress. For those of you who signed up to do a placement with Developing a Global Perspectives for Educators and one of their sponsored activities, you should choose that option.

You may also be interested in creating your own CSL placement:

If you have an idea in mind for your volunteer service that is not listed on the ELS website, you may create your own placement. Before beginning this placement it is essential that you:

  • Discuss the volunteer placement with your professor
  • Receive approval from your professor and the involved community organization for this placement
  • Complete and submit this form to ELS

So, You’re Starting Your CSL Placement…

Before beginning your placement, have a look at the ELS’s student handbook for all the information, tips, and forms you’ll need throughout the Community Service Learning (CSL) program. You can find the handbook here.

IMPORTANT: Once you begin your placement, you must keep track of your own volunteer hours. This is done by maintaining a log sheet that is signed by your supervisor upon completion of your minimum 30 hours. Once signed, you must submit a hard copy of the log sheet to Brian Kom. The log sheet can be found in the student handbook package mentioned above.

Please feel free to contact Brian at if you have any questions/concerns before, during, or after your placement.

CSL Testimonials

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