Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

Global Education Research Network

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Recent education program initiatives and curriculum such as the Character Development Initiative call for school boards, principals and teachers to draw on emerging evidence-based knowledge to ensure every child and youth in Ontario schools see themselves as included, successful, as having a sense of place and an understanding of global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

In 2008, Developing a Global Perspective for Educators (DGPE) at the University of Ottawa created the Global Education Research Network (GERN), an institute supporting the conduct, mobilization and dissemination of research on global education. DGPE together with its school board and NGO partners takes on a leadership role in ensuring classroom teachers are supported to acquire evidence-based practices for developing a global citizenship perspective that addresses teaching and learning, student engagement and equity priorities.

Key GERN Members: Sharon Cook, Tracy Crowe, Lisa Glithero, Ruth Kane, Lorna Mclean, and Nicholas Ng-A-Fook
Graduate Students: Rita Forte, Brian Kom, Katrina Isaacson, and Joanne Lalonde
Web Development: Carmen Au

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Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER), an Ontario network promoting the use of research in Education, was established as a collaborative partnership among the Ontario Ministry of Education, the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario. The KNAER Projects mark an ambitious effort to strengthen relationships between research, policy and practice in education in Ontario through funding support of knowldege mobilization projects. In nine months since KNAER launched, 44 projects have been approved that involve diverse partnerships of over 120 organizations across the province between school districts, universities, colleges, and other educational intermediaries.

GERN’s project for 2011-2013 (a KNAER project) entitled, Mobilizing A Global Citizenship Perspective with Educators: Curriculum Development, Equity and Community Partnerships build upon partnerships with Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB), NGOs and the Centre for Global and Community Service (University of Ottawa). With funding support from KNAER, the project mobilizes evidence-based research, curriculum design and assessment, critical pedagogy and resource development that support teachers to meet curricular goals in elementary and middle school classrooms.

Through the creation of Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams of lead teachers, researchers and student teachers, we extend our reach beyond student teachers into experienced teachers’ classrooms and existing board programs. Furthermore, various featured events and engaging activities are developed to facilitate knowledge mobilization throughout the project. They include the Fall Institute, Seminar Series, Professional Learning Sessions, and Winter Institute. For an in-depth look at Mobilizing a Global Citizenship Perspective with Educators, visit KNAER Project Highlights where you will find project newsletter, learning session presentations and workshop videos.

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Professional Learning Community (PLC) Teams:
Our Lady of Fatima team Crystal Bay team
St. Anne team D. Roy Kennedy Public School team
St. Emily team Devonshire Public School team
St. Gabriel team Fisher/Summit team
St. Gregory team Greenbank Middle School team
St. James team Henry Larsen Middle School team
St. Michael (Fitzroy) team Jack Donohue Public School team
St. Michael Ottawa team Katimavik Public School team
St. Thomas More team Lady Evelyn Alt team
  Manotick Public School team
  Team Burns-Mohamed (Emily Carr MS)
  Team Hagen-McGrane (Metcalfe PS)
  Team Ireland-Leiss (Dulop PS)
  Team Mohammed-Rajala-Danis (Charles H. Hulse PS)
  Team Pilon-Barnett-Cloutier (First Avenue PS)



University of Ottawa:
Tracy Crowe (Project Manager)
Nicholas Ng-a-Fook (Project Lead)
Ruth Kane (Project Evaluator)
Lisa Glithero (Project Coordinator)
Sharon Cook (Research Consultant)
Lorna Mclean (Research Consultant)

School Boards:
Pino Buffone (Superintendent of Curriculum Services)
Nadia Towaij-White (Principal of Curriculum Services)
Sharan Samagh (Teacher Representative & Project Design Consultant)
Tracy Snarr (Teacher Representative & Project Design Consultant)

Brenda Wilson (Superintendent of Elementary Education)
Carolyn Brambles (Teacher Representative & Project Design Consultant)
Kathleen Martin (Teacher Representative & Project Design Consultant)
Heather McPhee (Teacher Representative & Project Design Consultant)