Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

Inside Teacher Candidate Studio

Inside Teacher Candidate Studio features shows created by B.Ed students at the University of Ottawa. One of the main purposes for developing and carrying out this project is to encourage pre-service teachers to become action researchers of, as well as engaged citizens with important schooling and society issues, which are in turn specifically relevant to their future professions as public educators either here in Ontario, Canada, or abroad.

Video Discussion Series

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Ottawa District School Board Peace Conference 2012
Teacher candidates from the University of Ottawa participated as facilitators in the 2012 Ottawa Catholic School Board Peace Conference this afternoon. Inside the Teacher Candidate Studio was there to capture some initial thoughts that followed the event. It was a wonderful experience and we would like to thank all who were involved. Thank you for watching!

Faith in Schools
Welcome back from practicum! As our first professor interview for Inside the Teacher Candidate Studio, teacher candidate Peter Osudar sat down with Joel Westheimer. Joel is the University Research chair in Sociology of Education at the University of Ottawa. He explores the ways educational theorists conceive of teaching democracy and the ways school practices embrace or challenge these conceptions. Our topic concerns faith in both the Catholic and public school systems and how religious teaching is explored in the classroom.

Global Issues & Practicum
In today’s session and in preparation for our first practicum placement, the group discusses global development issues and how social action concerns/awareness can be implemented into daily lesson planning. Candidates delve into the idea of expanding upon local sustainability initiatives that have the potential to translate to larger issues on a global scale. With knowledge received from professional development workshops, in class activities, and external resources, our teacher candidates explore what they have learned about engaging their students in lessons that seek to explore meaningful connections with social action/global action ingenuities. We wish you the best of luck and learning on your November practicums! Thank you for watching!

Private vs Public Schools
In today’s session, our teacher candidates discussed private versus public school education and reflected on their thoughts, opinions, research, classroom debates, and general pedagogical knowledge. Our discussion begins with an introspective look at past schooling experiences along with private and public school institutions in the greater Ottawa area. Teacher candidates delve into the many factors that affect both educational systems and seek to uncover the fundamental components that separate both areas of schooling.

Community Service Learning Podcast

Louisiana Radio Story – A Community Service Learning Project

2007/2008 Schooling and Society Podcast

Inside the Teacher’s Candidate Studio

Teachers will be able to integrate this form of media and performance task into their future curriculum planning, implementation, and evaluation. Lastly, performance tasks such as an online newsletter and radio show afford pre-service teachers and their future students not only an opportunity to learn about relevant social justice issues, but perhaps more importantly an integrated and interdisciplinary “third space” to voice their concerns as informed citizens on such educational issues, while also meeting the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curricular expectations.