Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

Make a Submission

We rely on the submissions of B. Ed students from the University of Ottawa to compile teaching resources that promote peace, social justice and global citizenship. We are currently seeking the following:

• Resource review
• Book reviews
• Unit plans
• Lesson plans

If you are interested in having your work published on the DGPE website, please follow these steps to submit your work for review:

1. Before you submit your work, download and sign the consent form.

2. Address the signed consent form to Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and drop it in the mail shoot located on the third floor of Lamoureux Hall.

3. Send your lesson plan, or review etc. to

To reflect the goals of the DGPE initiative, we ask that your submissions integrate at least one of the following themes: peace and justice, human rights, international development and/or environmental sustainability.

We encourage your participation to help establish a large collection of online learning resources. Remember, if your submission is selected to be published on the website, you can note that in your resume or portfolio.