Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

Global Cohort Orientation: Teaching above the Fray

This Fall semester, get ready to witness “Teaching above the Fray” at Developing a Global Perspective for Educators, Faculty of Education UOttawa.

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Global Cohort on Algonquin Exchange

Since 2010, teacher candidates from the Developing a Global Perspective for Educators (DGPE) cohort in the Teacher Education program have had the unique opportunity to work with students from an Algonquin First Nations community.

The Kitigan Zibi Kikinamadinan school in Maniwaki, Quebec, was founded to meet the community’s need to educate its youth in a way that honoured Kitigan Zibi’s rich Algonquin culture and heritage. Continue Reading…

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ITCS @ OCSB Peace Conference 2012

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Teacher candidates from the University of Ottawa participated as facilitators in the 2012 Ottawa Catholic School Board Peace Conference this afternoon. Inside the Teacher Candidate Studio was there to capture some initial thoughts that followed the event. It was a wonderful experience and we would like to thank all who were involved. Thank you for watching!

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Inside Teacher Candidate’s Studio: Faith in Schools

Welcome back from practicum! As our first professor interview for Inside the Teacher Candidate Studio, teacher candidate Peter Osudar sat down with Joel Westheimer. Joel is the University Research chair in Sociology of Education at the University of Ottawa. He explores the ways educational theorists conceive of teaching democracy and the ways school practices embrace or challenge these conceptions. Our topic concerns faith in both the Catholic and public school systems and how religious teaching is explored in the classroom. Continue Reading…

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Inside Teacher Candidate’s Studio: Global Issues & Practicum

In today’s session and in preparation for our first practicum placement, the group discusses global development issues and how social action concerns/awareness can be implemented into daily lesson planning. Candidates delve into the idea of expanding upon local sustainability initiatives that have the potential to translate to larger issues on a global scale. Continue Reading…

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Global Cohort

Goal of the Program

Prospective teacher-candidates are invited to enrol into our unique Developing A Global Perspective for Educators program of study. Primary/Junior B. Ed. students who are accepted into this special cohort at our Faculty of Education within the University of Ottawa will explore how to effectively and creatively integrate international development education into the existing Ontario curricula. Prospective teacher-candidates in this unique program will also be given the option to participate in various community service learning social action projects. Students who choose to do so complete a minimum of 30 hours of community service learning via a social action project. In turn, teacher-candidates receive a co-curricular certificate from the Community Service Learning Institute here at the University of Ottawa.

Furthermore, teacher candidates have an opportunity to learn teaching and learning strategies associated with international development, social justice, peace, and environmental education. Additional resources, many of which have been developed by development-based NGOs, are made readily available to teacher candidates. Consequently, various guest speakers from different NGOs (Warchild, Canadian Hunger Foundation, UNESCO, etc.) are invited into our classes to teach students how to integrate their programs into the Ontario curriculum.

Our associate faculty includes Richard Barwell, Sharon Cook, Phyllis Dalley, Ruth Kane, Lorna McLean, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Steven Noble, Patricia Palulis, and Giuliano Reis.

Continue Reading…

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Inside Teacher Candidate’s Studio: Private vs. Public Schools

In today’s session, our teacher candidates discussed private versus public school education and reflected on their thoughts, opinions, research, classroom debates, and general pedagogical knowledge. Our discussion begins with an introspective look at past schooling experiences along with private and public school institutions in the greater Ottawa area. Continue Reading…

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GC: Ample opportunities to get involved in school & community

Leah Clancy (BEd Graduate, 2012)

As a recent graduate of the B.Ed program, I can say that my time here was truly valuable. I was a part of the J/I Global Cohort, which was an experience in itself. I was able to meet and collaborate with like-minded people, many of whom I can call friends. We were provided with ample opportunities to get involved in the school and the community. There were always so many interesting projects going on and organizations to join. One of my highlights was joining the KNAER project. Continue Reading…

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GC: A Life-Changing Journey & the Path To Success

Jesse Beckert (BEd Graduate, 2010)

I graduated in 2010 knowing that I would never be a teacher – what a daunting realization after five years of post-secondary education – but was it all for not? Thanks to the Developing a Global Perspective for Educators Cohort, the year proved to be formative for me not only in terms of professional development but on a personal level as well. I learned the power of compassion and have devoted myself to giving disadvantaged children in Uganda the opportunity to go to school through my work with a charitable organization called Canadian Friends of Pearl Children. Continue Reading…

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