Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

GC: Ample opportunities to get involved in school & community

Leah Clancy (BEd Graduate, 2012)

As a recent graduate of the B.Ed program, I can say that my time here was truly valuable. I was a part of the J/I Global Cohort, which was an experience in itself. I was able to meet and collaborate with like-minded people, many of whom I can call friends. We were provided with ample opportunities to get involved in the school and the community. There were always so many interesting projects going on and organizations to join. One of my highlights was joining the KNAER project. Continue Reading…

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GC: A Life-Changing Journey & the Path To Success

Jesse Beckert (BEd Graduate, 2010)

I graduated in 2010 knowing that I would never be a teacher – what a daunting realization after five years of post-secondary education – but was it all for not? Thanks to the Developing a Global Perspective for Educators Cohort, the year proved to be formative for me not only in terms of professional development but on a personal level as well. I learned the power of compassion and have devoted myself to giving disadvantaged children in Uganda the opportunity to go to school through my work with a charitable organization called Canadian Friends of Pearl Children. Continue Reading…

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GC prepares knowledgeable, international-minded teachers


 Rhena Bowie (BEd Graduate, 2011)

Participating in the Global Cohort has significantly influenced my current teaching practice. I currently work at the international school in Luanda, Angola, which offers the IB’s Primary Years Programme, and is home to a student body of over 50 nationalities. The PYP is an internationally recognized curriculum that aims to deliver best teaching practices, ensuring a quality, rigorous academic curriculum in an international context. When hiring new teachers the Director aims to find staff that are “professional, internationally-minded with a proven ability to care, encourage and inspire. Continue Reading…

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Global Cohort Cultivates Self-Confidence


 Catherine Costa (BEd Graduate, 2011)

I am a recent Bachelor of Education graduate from University of Ottawa’s global cohort, which is offered in conjunction with Developing Global Perspective for Educators (DGPE). Upon completion of the program, I returned to Saskatchewan with hopes of finding a position, which would allow me to further develop my passion and commitment to the DGPE pillars for education – peace and justice, human rights, environmental sustainability, and international development.
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2010/2011 SAP: Creating PSAs with Kitigan Zibi Youth


 Malca McLean (BEd Graduate, 2011)

Kherta Mohamed, Amira Boutaleb, Janine Blouin, Malca McLean
*with the generous assistance of many Global Cohort B.Ed colleagues

Under the supervision of Professor Ng-A-Fook, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to work with grades 5 and 6 First Nations students from students to create public service announcements (PSAs) that enabled these Algonquin youth to voice their concerns about an issue that was important to them, exchange ideas with education students, and learn techniques to create effective PSAs. Continue Reading…

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Global Cohort: A Truly Unique Journey


Natalia Przednowek (BEd Graduate, 2011)

As part of the Developing a Global Perspectives Cohort, I was able to embark on a truly unique teacher education journey. Before enrolling in the program, I wasn’t really sure how I would portray such important information to my future students. Incorporating human rights, sustainability and development as well as peace and justice education seemed like a daunting task to me as a pre-service teacher. Being part of this special cohort has helped me to develop creative ways to bring global education into the contemporary classroom. In addition to being more comfortable with integrating global issues, I have gained pride in the fact that my future students will leave me as more globally conscious people. Continue Reading…

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Global Cohort: Like-Minds Coming Together


 Kherta Mohamed (BEd Graduate, 2011)

Being a part of the Global cohort as teacher education student has forced me to look critically at my practices as a future teacher, both in terms of how I deal with my students and how I choose to engage the curriculum. The Developing a Global Perspective for Educators project is a way for like-minded students and teachers to come together and work towards making more globally conscious and social justice oriented education a possibility. I highly recommend this program to all Faculty of Education students.

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Archived Testimonials



I am thrilled to have been part of the Global Perspectives cohort this year. I did not have experience abroad prior to taking my B Ed, but was really hoping to get a better perspective on global issues and how to bring them into my teaching. It was a great experience, learning from my classmates, some of whom have had experiences abroad, and also from professors who have a particular interest in larger global issues. I cannot really imagine teaching any other way, now that I have had the exposure to so many intersting NGOs and other organizations who represent and work in relation to different global issues. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be in this cohort. It truly enriched my year of learning about teaching practices, and will definitely allow me to be more confident in weaving global issues throughout my teaching in the future.


  Christy Takahashi:

My experiences in the Developing A Global Perspective’s cohort this year helped shape my vision and philosophy of education. Being a member of the global cohort facilitated my involvement in other faculty events and exposed me to many meaningful learning experiences. As a result, I feel both prepared and motivated to incorporate global issues such as human rights, environmental sustainability, peace and justice, and international development into my future classroom. As a member of the global cohort, I also benefitted from being surrounded by individuals from diverse backgrounds with a common goal of educating for peace and social justice. My membership in the cohort has provided me with pedagogical strategies, inspirational ideas and immense excitement at the possibility of affecting real change through education.


  Rich Thibault:

This past year I had the good fortune to be part of the Global Perspectives cohort in the Faculty of Education Primary/Junior program at the University of Ottawa. My eyes were truly opened to educational concepts that I may not have considered before starting this program. The Developing A Global Perspective for Educators program showed me that even though you are just one teacher, or one person, the amount of change you can create in your classroom is endless. I am currently using many lesson plans that I saw my peers demonstrate in classes. The students are really enjoying themselves. I would recommend this cohort to anyone thinking of joining the teaching community.



Participating in the Global Perspectives Cohort has opened my eyes to the value and importance of educating students about issues related to human rights, the environment, cultural diversity, and many other global topics. Through my courses, I was introduced to the complexity of integrating this type of learning into the classroom. However the professors, workshopfellow B.Ed students provided many pedagogical strategies and lesson ideas for effectively implementing a global perspective into lessons. As a result of being in the Global Perspectives Cohort, I now feel confident that I will not only be a successful teacher, but will also stand out from the crowd as someone who will teach the leaders of tomorrow to be conscientious global citizens.

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