Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

Lesson Plans

As our site grows, we will provide lessons plans for K to 12 in all subject areas. If you have a lesson plan that you would like to contribute, please follow these steps for submitting your work. We especially need your help in collecting lesson plans for kindergarten, grades 1, 4, 6 and 11.

Thematic Packages

Lesson Plan Grade Level Subject Area Publication Year
Global Neighbourhood Resource Booklet K-3 Multiple
Environmental Lesson Plans in Collaboration with Friends of the Earth K-6 Multiple 2011
Culture of Peace K-12 Multiple
Coltan Resource Booklet 1-6 Multiple

Grade 1

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Dragon of Brog -
Understanding Stereotyping and Discrimination
Language Arts
The Lorax – Language Language Arts
Our Global Community Language Arts
Transportation & Environmental Sustainability Language Arts 2010
Peace Day Language Arts, Visual Arts 2010
Can You Count on Cans? Mathematics 2010
The Lorax – Science Science
Why Should I Recycle? Science
Recycling Constructing Science & Technology 2010
Protecting Our Environment Science, Social Studies

Grade 2

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Rememberance Day Language Arts
Sharing is Caring Language Arts 2011
What’s Your Name? Language Arts, Visual Arts 2010
Creating Cultural Awareness Social Studies
Canadian Cultures Social Studies
Canadian Cultural Diversity Social Studies
Clean Water for All Science
The Hazards of Common Household Chemicals Science & Technology 2010
The Importance of Water Science
Keeping Our Water Clean Science
Earth Day Number Sense Mathematics

Grade 3

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Electronics: Needs or Wants? Language Arts, Social Studies
Pay it Forward Language Arts
How Much Are We Using? Mathematics, Visual Arts 2010
Meaningful Gifts Mathematics 2010
Aboriginal and Early Settlers New! Mathematics 2012
Homeless and Global Education Social Studies
The Distribution of Wealth Social Studies
Social Justice Lesson Science & Technology
Worms! Nature’s Recycler Science & Technology
Garbage or Art? New! Visual Arts 2012

Grade 4

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Protect Our Wetlands! Science 2010
Save the Whales Science, Mathematics 2010
Animal Tracking Science & Technology 2010
Rain Forest Science & Technology 2010
Where Did They Go? A Study of the Sumatran Forest and Its Endangered Species Science & Technology 2010
Conflict Resolution Language Arts
Pay it Forward Language Arts
Precious Metal Mining Mathematics

Grade 5

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Hurrican and Poverty Language Arts
Let Pharady Enjoy Her Childhood Language Arts 2011
The World as a Village Language Arts, Mathematics
Food Makes the World Go Around Language Arts, Social Studies 2010
Trick or Treat for UNICEF Language Arts, Social Studies
Charter of Rights Language Arts, Social Studies
T-shirts for Change Language Arts, Visual Arts 2010
Nutrition and Food Security Science & Technology

Grade 6

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Where Am I from? Geography 2011
As Seen on TV Language Arts
The Story of Stuff Language Arts 2011
Global Awareness: Floods in Pakistan Language Arts, Drama 2011
Ecological Footprint Science
Recreate & Bash the Trash! Science & Technology 2010
Reducing Global Consumption Science 2010
Rethink! Energy Consumption Science 2010
Fair Trade New! Social Studies 2012
Trade: Fair or Not Fair? Social Studies 2010
Peace in the Community Social Studies, Drama 2010
How Would You Feel? Social Studies, Language Arts 2010
Water in Developing Countries Social Studies, Mathematics
ACT! Active Citizens Today Social Studies, Mathematics
Global Issues and Hope for a Better World Social Studies, Visual Arts 2010

Grade 7

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Coming to North America History
Interpreting Meaning in Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Language Arts 2011
1.4 Billion Reasons (Population Datasheet) Mathematics 2011
Walking for Water Mathematics 2011
How Do We Treat Our Environment? Mathematics

Grade 8

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Les Orphelins du SIDA French
In the News: Water on First Nations Reservations New! Language Arts 2012
Statistics and Shirts Mathematics
The Story of Bottled Water New! Science 2012

Grade 9

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Imagine Being Me English 2011
Math and Nutrition Mathematics
H2O Mathematics
Unit Measurements and Volume Mathematics
Importance and Future of Canadian Resources Geography
Reducing Ecological Footprint Geography

Grade 10

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Personal Peace Symbols Arts
Water Pollution & Check List Social Studies
World Issues Awareness (Reflection Questions) French
Media and Religion Career and Guidance
Mother Teresa Religion

Grade 11

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Invasive Species in the News Biology
Native Literature Language Arts
Paper Cranes World History 2010

Grade 12

Lesson Plan Subject Area Publication Year
Sustainable Development Science