Developing a Global Perspective for Educators

Unit Plans

As our site grows, we will provide unit plans for K to 12 in all subject areas. If you have a unit plan that you would like to contribute, please follow these steps for submitting your work.

Unit Plan Grade Level Subject Area
Global Neighbourhood Resource Booklet K-3 Multiple
Culture of Peace K-12 Multiple
Trees and Me 1 Science & Technology/Environmental Education
Coltan Resource Booklet 1-6 Multiple
Child Labour & Fair Trade Resource Kit 1-8 Multiple
An Immigrant’s Tale: The Story of Immigration in Canada 2 Social Studies/Language Arts
Exploring and Understanding Water 2 Science
Hula Hooping for Health and Happiness 2-6 Health/Physical Education
Living Cities 4 Science & Technology
Art of War 6 Arts
What can we do to create an ecological handprint? New! 6 Language Arts/Environmental Sustainability
Students of the World 6 Art/Social Science/Language Arts
Water for Life 6 Social Science/Environmental Sustainability
The 5 Rs: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recreate 6 Science & Technology/Environmental Sustainability
Chocolate – Fair Trade and Human Rights 6-10 Geography
Canadian Aboriginal Children’s Rights New! 8 Multiple
Climate Change 9 Geography
Poisoning the Artic 9 Geopraphy
Active Global Citizen 10 Civic
Women’s Rights in Canada 10 Canadian History Post-WWI
Bioaccumulation Pollution Dispersal 10 Science
Environmental Science 11 Biology
Species Decline 11 Biology
HIV/AIDS Education 11 Media Literacy
The Kyoto Protocol 11,12 Canadian/World Issues/Geography/
Environment & Resource Management
Bananas Unpeeled (Appendix) 12 Canadian/World Issues