Developing a Global Perspective for Educators


Posters created by Sarah MacKenzieDeveloping A Global Perspective For Educators (DGPE) is a University of Ottawa, Faculty of Education organization that is made possible through the community service learning contributions of professors, graduate students, and Bachelor of Education students. The Faculty of Education seeks to build on our partnerships with local schools, community leaders, and NGOs. Our teacher education program encourages the development of critically reflective professionals who personify an ethic of caring, knowledge and commitment to issues of diversity and equity through education. As educators, we are committed to working with pre-service teachers to explore the pedagogical principles and practical applications for effectively integrating development education into existing curricula using specialized methodologies and resources. DGPE aims to integrate the themes of peace and justice, human rights, environmental sustainability, and international development into educational curricula and practice, and thus instill a commitment to support Canada’s efforts abroad and at home among teachers and students.

We welcome individuals, communities, and organizations that are interested in helping teachers to develop and implement pedagogical and curricular approaches that focus on empathy, responsibility, awareness, critical thinking and empowerment in relation to current global crises. We aim to develop an ongoing vocabulary for global perspectives that can address participatory citizenship both locally and globally. To achieve such goals, this website acts as an interactive forum for resource and idea sharing that is organic and responsive to teachers’ changing needs and interests over time.

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